In order to fill a complete Wall of Prayer in a church or community, some intercessors will need to set aside times of prayer during the night. This, of course, is the most difficult time to pray except perhaps for those believers who are what some describe as “night owls.”

These are those who have no difficulty getting up at a set time of the night to pray and then have little difficulty going back to sleep.

My challenge to all intercessors who would be watchmen is to give at least two hours each week specifically to help fill a Wall of Prayer.

(Some, of course, may give an hour every day.) One of those weekly hours should be during the day and the other as part of a “night watch” (usually during the hours of midnight to 6 a.m.). It is well worth the sacrifice of setting your alarm once or twice a week for a “night watch” as you realize that there are people in desperate need as you pray at that very hour.

Keep in mind as you read these words that I am assuming all believers desire to maintain a daily devotional habit. This may not always be an hour in length, but it should occur daily. During those times you may still want to use this guide to help you touch on issues for that day even if it is not your specific assigned time to have a full hour as a watchman. Obviously, any time you pray you are, in a true sense, a watchman and the focuses in this guide are always worthy of our prayers. But in order to assure that we maintain a complete Wall of Prayer in our area, with true harmony and agreement over specific needs, we need watchmen to be faithful in keeping their assigned hours. This guide can help ensure that we are all praying for the same biblical objectives, even as we allow the Holy Spirit to show us additional focuses for prayer during any given hour.