Regional Apostolic Council: Ministry Description

Ministry Description for Regional/Specialized Apostolic Councils

  1. Direction
  2. Be responsible to the Lord to fulfil the vision, mission, and goals the Lord has given to The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc.
  3. Spiritual Oversight
    1. Lead by example.
    2. Facilitate training and mentoring leaders.
    3. Facilitate the appointment and transition of partner church senior elders and eldership.
    4. Provide spiritual protection to Directors of Regional /Specialized Apostolic Councils who serve under the leadership of this Apostolic Council, senior elders of partner and engaged churches, fivefold translocal ministers, and leadership of Board Directed Ministries.
    5. Appoint and oversee director of Regional Mission Centre
    6. Provide assistance during times of crisis for partner churches or Board Directed Ministries.
    7. Initiate evaluations (every two or three years) of other Regional/Specialized Councils who serve under them, the senior elders, Apostolic Missions staff and those licensed and ordained.
    8. Initiate and plan multinational leadership meetings, conferences, etc. within your sphere of ministry.
    9. Be accountable to the Lord for the Apostolic Company (those licensed, ordained, and in other areas of leadership in The Apostolic Missions Network) within your sphere of ministry.
    10. Recognize, affirm, encourage and promote fivefold translocal ministries.
    11. Give leadership to the engagement process with new churches in accordance with the guidelines of this
    12. Administrative Oversight
    13. Oversee licensing and ordination process, evaluations, etc. within your sphere of ministry.
    14. Establish new levels of Apostolic Councils in the future as needed (international, national, and regional) within your sphere of ministry.
    15. Appoint a Stewardship Team (as needed).
    16. Approve yearly budgets (original and modified) for your sphere of ministry.
    17. Oversee Church Planting Within Your Sphere of Ministry
    18. Relationships with the Body of Christ
    19. Initiate and encourage networking with and serving the church at large.
    20. Keep open communication with the apostolic leaders who give you oversight.