Start an Extension Training Center

International School of Apostolic Missions (ISAM) works closely with Christian Leaders, local Pastors and Missionaries to set up Extension Campuses around the world. We believe every person is called to be a carrier of God’s hope. A hope that births vision and stirs purpose. A hope that shakes nations and shapes cultural destiny.

We believe that you have what it takes to make a difference in your community and Nation. would you consider forming a small study group in your local church or community then download the materials from this website which you will need to study in your group. 

All the courses are free for download.Upon completion of this course you will receive a nice PDF certificate which you can print out for verifications purposes that you have completed this course.If you wish to receive a nice Diploma with Stamp and Seal and Transcripts this would be at an additional cost. All marking is done by the Pastor/ leader of the extension campus and the results are sent in to ISAM who then issues the certificates. 

Ministry Training Contract
As per our ministry training contract, the International  School of Apostolic Missions (ISAM) agree to train Apostolic Leaders on how to start and direct ISAM Extension Campuses while providing materials (How to manual, written curriculum, forms, etc.) . On the other hand our Extension Campus agree to adhere to specified standards of excellence in curriculum, faculty, and scriptural integrity. The Extension Campus is fully responsible to administer the school. ISAM may supplement some needs of the school as agreed in the Ministry Training Contract but it is our desire that these schools, for the most part, sustain themselves. By the grace of God our associations are held together as long as schools can meet these minimum requirements.

Getting Started.

  1. Form a group in your church to study the Harvestime modules. There is now NO COST
  2. Read the Orientation Guide First.
  3. Download the modules you wish to study.
  4. Be conversant with the Study Guide and the Seven Steps Study Plan.
  5. Download and read one of the Harvestime modules (you may study them in any order but there is a recommended order of study).
  6. Discuss the module in the group and do the self-tests.
  7. When you are ready, download the final exams and do them.
  8. Give the completed tests to your pastor or study group leader who will mark them and enter the results in the Master Student Grade Record which will also act at as Class Transcripts.
  9. Upon Completion of the Master student Grade record. (Filling in all sections.) Please send an email to ISAM as an “attached file’ for School records.
  10. In the text body of the email please include the “Exact” Names of each student as you would like printed on your PDF Certificate. 
  11. Please note, the ISAM Extension Campus Programe is available for the Body of Christ around the world , if you would like to implement this program, please contact us for more information.

     Grading System

    Grading System Grading Standards  
    97-100      =  A+  Excellent/outstanding      A – 4.0  
    93-96        =  A Good/above average       B – 3.0  
    90-92        =  A- Average/satisfactory       C – 2.0  
    87-89        =  B+ Poor                             D – 1.0  
    83-86        =  B Failure/unacceptable      F  – 0.0  
    80-82        =  B-    
    77-79        =  C+    
    73-76        =  C    
    70-72        =  C-    
    67-69        =  D+    
    63-66        =  D    
    60-62        =  D-    
    Below 60  =  F  

Harvestime Modules

STRATEGIES FOR SPIRITUAL HARVEST:         DOWNLOAD  Strategies For Spiritual Harvest 

FOUNDATIONS OF FAITH:                                DOWNLOAD Foundations Of Faith

KINGDOM LIVING:                                            DOWNLOAD Kingdom Living

SPIRITUAL STRATEGIES:                                  DOWNLOAD Spiritual Warfare

MINISTRY OF THE HOLY SPIRIT:                      DOWNLOAD Ministry of the Holy Spirit

KNOWING GOD’S VOICE:                                   DOWNLOAD Knowing God’s Voice

CREATIVE BIBLE STUDY METHODS:                   DOWNLOAD Creative Bible Study 

BASIC BIBLE SURVEY:                                        DOWNLOAD Vol 1 OT Survey Vol 2 NT Survey 


TEACHING TACTICS:                                            DOWNLOAD Teaching Tactics 

MULTIPLICATION METHODOLOGIES:                  DOWNLOAD Multiplication Methodologies 

POWER PRINCIPLES:                                            DOWNLOAD Power Principles 

BIBLICAL MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES:                DOWNLOAD Biblical Management Principles 


MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVES:                            DOWNLOAD  Manage By Objectives 

MOBILIZATION METHODOLOGIES:                       DOWNLOAD Mobilization

LEAVEN-LIKE EVANGELISM:                                  DOWNLOAD Leaven Like Evangelism

WOMEN, A BIBLICAL PROFILE:                              DOWNLOAD Women, A Biblical Profile

JAIL AND PRISON MINISTRY MANUAL:                  DOWNLOAD Jail And Prison Manual

INTERCESSORY PRAYER:                                         DOWNLOAD Intercessory  Prayer

BATTLE FOR THE BODY:                                           DOWNLOAD Battle For Body