Apostolic leaders (spiritual fathers) provide to their spiritual sons and daughters and we hold these as core values of The Apostolic Hub:

  1. TO RECOGNIZE – Every person seeks significance in some measure. One of the primary responsibilities of the father/son relationship is to establish that in each other. Recognition is the key, both for the father and the son. The apostolic leaders (father) should recognize and affirm the son’s anointing. He does this by causing the son to better understand and appreciate his anointing, elevating his focus and his sense of value. He should also acknowledge the son’s anointing publicly and professionally, communicating the importance of his calling and his excellence in ministry to others.


  1. TO RAISE UP – Secondly, fathers and sons should seek to elevate one another, to raise each other to higher levels of effectiveness, achievement, and opportunity within the Kingdom. Apostolic leaders should always be imparting wisdom so that sons will increase in Biblical understanding as well as ministry excellence. Rightly dividing the Word of truth is of extreme importance, so spiritual fathers must help their sons track faithfully in the Scriptures.Equipping sons to increase ministry effectiveness, apostolic leaders should demonstrate useful tools and techniques. They should be able to spot and adjust weaknesses, making their sons even more productive and valuable. And as fathers bring personal excellence to the table, they become living examples of integrity, sincerity, and propriety.


  1. TO RELEASE – Apostolic leaders have a responsibility to send their sons into venues of ministry endorsed as sons, “This is my beloved Son…” and announced as a voice to be reckoned with— “…hear Him.” As fathers, the potential for placement is high, just as Paul sent Timothy to Philippi, Titus to Cyprus, and Epaphroditus to Colossae.Sons, on the other hand, grant release to apostolic leaders to speak into their lives and ministries with authority. The word patriarch comes from two Greek terms—pater (father) and archein (to rule). Spiritual fathers watch over, guard, and mentor their sons because their sons free them to do so.


  1. TO RESOURCE – The other area of responsibility apostolic leaders and sons share is to add value to each other’s lives. The resources of relationship and revelation are significant weapons in the arsenal of spiritual fathers and sons. There is not a relationship quite as significant in the work of ministry, and the ability to share and evaluate revelation without reprisal is huge.Apostolic leaders who have more than one spiritual son provide bridges to a variety of ministry opportunities as the spiritual siblings become “bridges” to ministry and paths to extended application of truth for each other. Sons have the capacity to serve their father’s needs in every way possible. In doing so, they show forth the honor that exhibits the joy and blessing of being in a father/son relationship.