In order to promote Biblical obedience, peace, unity, love, joy, and compassion among all men, and to secure for ourselves and future generations the blessing of God Almighty, we hereby enter into a Solemn Covenant, grounded in the following declaration:

  • WE DECLARE that God, the eternal Creator and the Author of liberty, has spoken with reason, accuracy, and clarity concerning justice, truth, and reality in Heaven and on Earth.
  • WE DECLARE that the mission of God (Missio Dei) is the overriding priority of God’s people – those who follow, worship and obey God through faith in the resurrected Son, Jesus Christ.
  • WE DECLARE that the mission of God (Missio Dei) is all inclusive of every aspect of life. ‘Missio Dei’ seeks to positively transform all relationships — our relationship with God, our relationship with each other, and our relationship with creation and creative activities. We Affirm that the Mission of God seeks freedom and life without prejudice. It upholds justice and resists oppression. It provides for the needy and humbles the proud. The mission of God witnesses to the God who is revealed through the Old and New Testament Scriptures, in the Son, Jesus Christ whom God sent, and by the Spirit within believers and at work in the world.
  • WE ASSERT that in bold defiance of God’s Word, the Bible, the fallen race of man has perverted justice, truth, and reality, leaving a painful legacy of negligence, chaos, confusion and exploitation; and, thus, has created a compelling need for correction and redemption by our merciful God. We state that in this Twenty First century, evil has so multiplied that all life and liberty are at risk of destruction by the godless or by the judgment of God.
  • WE CLAIM that the Church of Jesus Christ [Ekklesia], now grown lukewarm and indifferent in pursuing its redemptive priestly ministry and corrective prophetic authority, largely has tolerated or participated in the dominant evils and error of this sin-filled age, further adding to our planetary crisis.
  • For this reason WE COMMIT ourselves to God and to each other to work together to increase awareness of the Mission of God ‘Missio Dei’ among God’s people and highlight the unique contribution each person can make in advancing Missio Dei.
  • WE COMMIT to do this so that the future generations of God’s children and nations yet unborn may learn of righteousness and judgment without suffering the cost of  repeated sins, WE DECLARE with brokenness the record of our grievous transgression of the Divine Law and commit to do something about it.