International School of Apostolic Missions

International School of Apostolic Missions (ISAM) is a place of training but it is also a place of growth and restoration. Over the years we have seen people from every stage of life choosing to attend ISAM and letting the experience change their life. We are so excited that you are interested in learning more about ISAM, the training arm of The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. This school works in partnership with a network of Churches around the world to advance the Apostolic Gospel of the Kingdom. We have a desire to see believers equipped with the full armour of God so that they can live victoriously, do the work of ministry and advances Kingdom Values and influence in every sphere of life (Eph.4:12 and 6:13-18).

ISAM  Extension Campuses
International School of Apostolic Missions (ISAM) exists to take quality Biblical instruction, Missions training and mentors of the servant attitude of Christ to students on every continent on earth. We are not there yet, but with God’s blessings and the generous support of Christian individuals and congregations we will get there.

ISAM has the flexibility to meet each opportunity at its point of need. We can tailor a program to help take a location from no school to a quality school of missions with a creditable Bible-Centred curriculum, producing capable national missionaries who are committed to advance the Apostolic Gospel of the Kingdom in their own homeland.

Model : School of Tyrannus (Acts19:9)
Our Extension Campuses across Africa and around the world are Non-Residential, modelled after the school of Tyrannus (Acts 19:9) where Apostle Paul during his extended ministry in Ephesus devoted a good measure of his time to teaching scriptures in the school of Tyrannus. While we do not know whether Tyrannus was the name of the school or its owner, we do know that Paul used this location to train believers in the teachings of the Scripture in order to impact the world for Christ. Later, Paul was able to say that “all of Asia has heard the Gospel” (Acts 19:10). No doubt, his ministry at the school of Tyrannus played a major role in that.

Following this model, ISAM provides a dynamic and interactive format to study God’s word in depth with excellent instruction adapted to the students schedule and circumstances. The School grants opportunities for students to connect, partner and network with Apostolic Leaders, Itinerant Ministers and Missions Mentors who have attained a high level of proficiency in missions and real life prototypes and models in different settings.

Ministry Training Contract
As per our ministry training contract, the International  School of Apostolic Missions (ISAM) agree to train Apostolic Leaders on how to start and direct ISAM Extension Campuses while providing materials (How to manual, written curriculum, forms, etc.), where need be ISAM sends short term missionary teachers to the Extension Campus. On the other hand our Extension Campus agree to adhere to specified standards of excellence in curriculum, faculty, and scriptural integrity. The Extension Campus is fully responsible to administer the school. ISAM may supplement some needs of the school as agreed in the Ministry Training Contract but it is our desire that these schools, for the most part, sustain themselves. By the grace of God our associations are held together as long as schools can meet these minimum requirements.

What makes the International School of Apostolic Missions (ISAM) Unique?

  • Training Takes Place on-site; Students do not have to leave their families, jobs or communities
  • Giving the task of the Great Commission to national, indigenous believers
  • Portability of the Associate schools allows the training curriculum to travel
  • Combines theoretical education with practical, on-the field training
  • Appropriate for many socio-economic levels

Why Attend the International School of Apostolic Missions (ISAM)
To Change Your Life!

When we fill our minds and hearts with a deep understanding of God’s Word – it transforms us. Our sense of identity changes, our sense of self-worth, our outlook shifts, and as a result, our purpose in life comes into focus! Habits change, character matures, and skills are developed. There is no question about this, ISAM will change you!

To Change your World!
When God really gets hold of your life, you want to change the world! ISAM can give you the spiritual skills you need to make a difference – whether in your own community or on the other side of the world. Leadership experience, communication skills, and the ability to think for yourself are essential for success in business or ministry.