To Bring the blessings from the Nations to Israel and to Receive the blessings back to the Nations

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“Now I will rescue you and make you both a symbol and a source of blessing!” Zechariah 8:13.

The promises of the prophetic word are already being fulfilled in our time. Israel turned into a country state again in 1948, and has from that point forward become a wellspring of  development, security and blessing to the entire world. In this season of history it is significant for the Ekklesia to raise the importance of the state of Israel and the Jewish people to the community, and remember the words spoken to Abraham thousands of years ago: “Those who bless you I will bless.”

It is time for Nations to rise! It is time for Nations to claim: We have the blessing power! It is time to join with Gods people and release into the Nations the riches and blessings that God decided to submit to the world through these people. Strategic goal: Mobilize leaders of all categories and levels of society to create an atmosphere in each nation to bless Israel. Develop bilateral and regional strategic security cooperation with Israel. Establish embassies in Jerusalem. Facilitate business and industrial partnerships with Israel. Inspire the Christian Nations  to perceive each other as brother nations, and develop a regional and global strategic alliance to impact the world society in governments, international bodies and NGOs to bring justice, equality, righteousness, security and stability.


  1. Conducting conferences and summits in order to establish national and regional awareness.
  2. Being a force for reconciliation and partnership in churches for a common goal to love Jerusalem.
  3. Initiate information platforms and meeting points for business and industrial networking.
  4. Facilitate NGO coordination between Israel and the nations.
  5. Bringing Nations to Israel as pilgrims and tourists to discover the land of the Bible and the modern state of Israel, and bringing the blessings back to Jerusalem as Nations stand in solidarity with Jewish people.