Global Regional Networks

This organization, with its international Headquarters in Dallas Texas (USA) operates as a relational 6 Global Regions Network of Apostolic Leaders called to expand the Kingdom of God. The Spirit of God is releasing a call across the nations for this generation to help advance the Apostolic Gospel of the kingdom in every Nation. Many are answering the call and desire to be connected to others who have heard the call and are pursuing this mandate. Getting connected to a global network such as this provides like-minded leaders the avenue to work together to make not only a local impact but a global one.


  • REGION 1 :- Africa
  • REGION 2 :- Europe
  • REGION 3 :- Asia , Euro Asia (Former USSR)
  • REGION 4 :- USA, Canada & Caribbean Islands
  • REGION 5 :- South and Central America
  • REGION 6 :- Australia & New Zealand

We partner with ministers, churches, and organizations that are impacting the world with the Gospel. Are you interested in joining us? Learn about our three types of membership below


Can you imagine the power you have to touch lives around the globe through the love of Christ! As a Hub Builder you can reach out in partnership with us to make a significant difference in Africa. “Hub Builders align with the Apostolic Hub to take a leadership role in building the Kingdom of God. They are willing to assist other believers, ministries, and business’ to accomplish the Great Commission. A Hub builder is focused on Kingdom advancement globally and in the local community through alignment with other effective, and strategic ministries and individuals.”

The Hub has a revival response like the ecclesiastical city-wide church of Ephesus building unity in the community. It forms Networks for shared mission in the city. Example: Antioch, which was a “Hub” for trans-local church-planting and mission. apostolic people BOTH send and are sent. It takes senders and sent out ones to establish an apostolic hub. (Acts 11:19-30, 13:1-14:28)