It is a requirement that every member of The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc accept and adhere to the following ministerial ethics: Each member has a right to their own style and personality as they follow Christ.

  • To conduct ones affairs in: morals, finances, and business relations with a high degree of Christian integrity.
  • To maintain a teachable spirit towards the other leaders of the Apostolic Network.
  • To speak in a respectful and edifying manner where other members of the Apostolic Network are concerned.
  • To abstain, directly or indirectly, in any issue that would cause a church split.
  • To not sow seeds of discord among the body by gossip, rumors and opinionated criticism.
  • To abstain from the consumption or use of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.
  • To pursue a Christian relationship with other members of the Apostolic Network.
  • To respect the rights of others and allow them to be different, as long as their actions comply with the written Word of God.
  • To deal justly as the Scriptures command concerning all areas of fellowship, relationships, unity and brotherly love.
  • To follow the procedure as commanded in the Scriptures when faced with a brother or sister who is in violation of these ethics or any other Biblical moral standard.
  • To agree to adhere to our statement of faith and ministerial Ethics.


Each member shall abide by the following:

  1. Members must walk with integrity, excellence, and respect for oneself and others
  2. Members should realize the significance of their connection to Apostolic Network, and conduct themselves as honourable ambassadors of the same.
  3. Members should not openly degrade, humiliate, and/or demean person(s) in an attempt to exalt themselves or assert their authority.
  4. Members are expected to demonstrate both Christ-like attitude and behaviour when working with issues that necessitate executive decision, insight, and expertise.
  5. Members must not jeopardize the growth or image of the Apostolic Network at large, by public sin, personal degradation, aggrandizement, accusation, and/or an attempt to exercise their individual influence in the Apostolic Network
  6. Members, in accordance with biblical principles, should refrain from idle gossip and rumours.