Establishing Apostolic Alignment for Regional Transformation

As we seek to establish Apostolic Alignment for regional transformation,  it is important to recognize that we have an adversary who wars against the souls of men and women who will not give up territories without a fight. The reality of territorial spheres of authority is vividly depicted in the incident we refer to as the “Riot in Ephesus”(Acts 19: 23- 41). The temple of Diana at Ephesus at this point of reference was counted one of the wonders of the world. It was at this time the third temple which had been built in succession of white marble, 425 feet long by 220 wide, with 127 columns, and of surpassing wealth and splendour. It contained an image said to have fallen from heaven (Ac 19:35). The temple of Diana was visited by thousands of pilgrims, and a great industry grew up in making miniature representations of the temple, of wood, gold, or silver. This was the work of Demetrius and his fellow-workers.
                   The advancement of the Kingdom of God in the city of Ephesus brought a direct response from the people, the crowd shouted the name of the goddess Diana (whose headquarters for Asia was in Ephesus) for two hours fuelled by much deeper concerns than the economic losses of a declining pagan temple industry. Evidently as the kingdom of God advanced in this region the prevailing Business / economic system got affected. The apostolic centre Paul was establishing in Ephesus had become an unbearable challenge to the spiritual forces ruling that area. The whole riot was nothing but a staged contention for territorial dominion.
To gain spiritual authority in any region you need cohesion in the camp for every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand. Matthew 12:25, there are no two ways around this one.  If we want to see whole areas invaded, conquered, occupied and transformed, we have to endeavour to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace Eph. 4:3. It is time to come together as one body under the leadership of the one and only King, the Lord Jesus Christ.

If this work is not done properly we will keep seeing a dysfunctional body of believers trying to fulfil a mission that is way beyond its grasp. The nations will watch the pathetic attempts of divided members trying to achieve what only coordinated efforts could ever have a chance of accomplishing. Without the proper linking of apostolic centres and networks, there is no global structure to receive the orders of the king and to implement them with strategic order. Instead of a fit and well-proportioned body we end up with a few supersized ministries that are poorly connected to a weak and random collection of scattered local churches.