We recognize and encourage the ministry of volunteer leaders at the Apostolic Hub. This is a guide to ensuring our service to the Lord Jesus is acceptable in his sight and brings expansion to His Kingdom.

The key function of E-GROUP leaders and representatives is to steer their groups towards meeting the objectives of Small groups: Accountability, Belonging, Care, Discipleship and Evangelism (ABCDE).


  • F – Firm foundation in God’s word.
    Has given his/her life to Jesus and is GROUNDED in the basic principles of the Christian faith.
  • A – Active Devotional Life.
    Is in a GENUINE relationship with Jesus. Genuine refers to spending time with Him in private towards knowing Him.
  • I – Involved in Church.
    As they lead the group, they are also accountable to the larger body of fellowship and committed to being equipped and GUIDED through the pulpit and training sessions. They should be teachable and remain accountable to the expectations of the larger body of Christ (through the department they serve).
  • T – Transformed Character
    Not only are they active in ‘church platform’ with serving God, but their character (work
    and home) show a genuine display of the GROWING fruit of the Spirit in them: Love,
    joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness and self-control.
  • H – Heart for the World.
    They are not quick to condemn but to embrace those in spiritual darkness and do what it takes to guide them to the Light of the World through prayer and outreach. They are GRACIOUS.

Each leader will be expected to (give): TIME
Time: To be with the group when they meet and be part of the learning process they go through. Investment- To invest emotionally in building of healthy relationships; to build healthy community Make Investment of Truth: Ensure that the Word of God is being taught correctly. Energy: To convene and set the group in the right direction (Calls, texts, envisioning regularly to ABCDE of small Groups)CODE OF

As An E- Group leader of the Apostolic Hub I understand that I am to:

  • Remain Grounded in the faith: With the help of the Holy Spirit, I choose to live a life worthy of the call: To love God with All my heart, All my soul, All my mind and All my strength  and this starts with a commitment to having Jesus as my personal Savior.
  • Be Genuine: In private through my devotional life and faithfulness to spending time with God and His word on a daily basis. I understand that He is my ultimate source of insight and transformation. Unless I abide in Him and He in me, I will bear no fruit.
  • Agree to be Guided: By the larger body of Christ. I am to remain teachable and accountable to those whom I serve with and in this context to the Shepherd leadership of the Apostolic Hub. I understand that I am to be vulnerable as I am guided to give room for personal guidance and sharpening of leadership skills.
  • Continue Growing: As I celebrate what God is doing in and through me, I understand that I am to continue working out my salvation in fear and trembling and be wary of pride that may come from a view of self-righteousness. As I yield to God’s word that teaches, rebukes, corrects and trains in righteousness and remain accountable to others, I understand that I am to be growing to be more like Christ: yielding the fruit of the Spirit. This is to be genuinely seen by my family and associates outside the Hub parameters. The fruit of the Spirit in me is to be a display of a genuine lifestyle of walking with Christ.
  • Be Gracious: To members as they will be of various personalities: some strong, some struggling in their walk with Christ, some consistent, some not. I will extend a gracious hand (call, text, visit, follow up as needed) to rope them into healthy small group through intentional healthy relationships. I will maintain confidentiality where group members’ matters are concerned but seek pastoral guidance when needed.
  • To the best of my ability I will carry out duties assigned to me and provide services efficiently and honestly.
  • I will treat members with courtesy and respect.
  • To the extent appropriate to the ministry, I will seek to improve the standards of performance and level of professionalism in the ministry/ church.
  • I understand that I am a representative of God’s kingdom first but also of The Apostolic Hub, and will abide by the instructions and guidance from my Shepherd Leaders.

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