The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. is an Apostolic Movement that is called to Advance the Gospel of the Kingdom in every Nation and to establish an international Network of Ekklesia (group of people called out  from every tribe, language, people and nations)  and to join the Ekklesia (The Church) back to the Nation Israel.

The term ‘Network’ as used in this movement is derived from the concept of networking which is very clearly demonstrated in the Bible. “Again, the kingdom of Heaven is like a net that was cast into the sea, and gathered some of every kind” (Mat 13:47). The Kingdom of God is referred to as a ‘Net’ by Jesus Christ. A net is like a blanket comprising of ropes joined to each other through knots i.e. A Network is the joining together of people through relationship with each other to fulfill a common purpose. Each part provides strength and support to the entire network towards the fulfillment of the common goals and objectives that Jesus gave us, the church.

We are living in a sobering moment in history that calls us, as believers in Jesus Christ, to take a stand with Israel. We could be people of the last hour. We are not to be passive in the face of prophecy; we are called to pray with passionto intercede, and to minister according to the words of the Savior who said it is not our task to speculate when the end will be. It is our responsibility to do Kingdom business until He comes (Luke 19:13). Jesus intends that His Church (Ekklesia) be an embassy of His Kingdom that represents His Kingdom on earth and exercise binding and loosing authority (keys of the kingdom) to overcome principalities and powers and transform communities where each Ekklesia is established.

To Advance the Apostolic Gospel of the Kingdom and to establish an international Network of Ekklesia (The Church) … built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ Himself being the chief cornerstone of the Apostolic Foundation (Eph. 2:20) ,and to join the Ekklesia (The Church) back to the Nation Israel.

To  establish City-wide Apostolic Hubs and to link each  Hub regionally with other existing Hubs  to form Regional Apostolic Networks in order to establish alignment for regional transformation.The Church at its inception was virtually entirely Jewish, and it remained so until the Gospel began to spread. Ultimately the Gospel spread to Antioch, where the first Gentile congregation began, the base(Apostolic Hub) from which the Gospel spread into all the world.

What sets an Apostolic Hub apart?
An apostolic hub is mandated to affect a region by establishing the Kingdom of God in that region, it is a place where likeminded apostolic leaders invests themselves into others to further the Kingdom by developing gifts and anointings in people and sending them out to fulfil their kingdom assignment. Just as Jesus sent the disciples, and Paul sent Timothy, and told Timothy to invest himself into people that would do the same again (2Timothy 2:2). A never-ending story of complementation, succession, multiplication.

In a very practical way Apostolic Leaders called to align with this vision commit to develop as many networks as the spheres and capacities the Lord has given them allow. There will be many apostolic hubs in an organically grown network of churches serving the whole body. The picture we foresee is a proliferation of apostolic hubs and networks in Africa interacting with each other to produce a power grid for regional governance.

The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. is primarily a relational network, a new and flexible structure, which departs from traditional rigid models. It brings together a large apostolic company that stands at the feet of Jesus, nourished by grace and  burning with passion. The members of this company stay connected by apostolic and prophetic communications, personal meetings and conferences, always remaining attentive to what the Spirit is saying to the churches.


  1. The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. emphasize relationship over structure, and desire to promote an environment through its events and services where ministers are building relationships with one another that will supply the positive thing which the Bible declares benefits those who are rightly connected to the body.
  2. The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. upholds the autonomy and sovereignty of the local church and ministry. It is our desire that each church/ ministry be free to express its unique call that reflects its vision, and the context in which it is planted/ established.
  3. The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. upholds the principle of freedom of Association within and outside the Network for all its members within the framework of our Evangelical Biblical position.
  4. The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. receives the five-fold gifts of Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers as God’s gifts to the Church. In the context of a network of ministries, each gift has a unique contribution to make and the experience and anointing of some qualifies them as “ministers to ministers”

We are invite you to Join with us to Advance the Apostolic Gospel of the Kingdon to the ends of the earth and Back to Jerusalem. Contact us for further engegements
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