Apostolic Hub

As Micro-Churches reaching out to the Seven mountains of societal influence multiply in neighbourhoods and network they begin to gather in a collective congregation periodically. These fiercely local congregations will provide eldership, facilities, periodic gathering and equipping for all micro-churches. That collective congregation of micro-churches is called  Apostolic Hub.

Apostolic HUB is designed to draw and unify the established local believers into a regional base of global ministry operation that impacts the surrounding communities. It has a revival response like the ecclesiastical city-wide church of Ephesus building unity in the community. It is also an Antioch type “Apostolic Training and Commissioning Center.” 

 We will keep the Hubs lightweight and low maintenance, led mostly by bi-vocational Apostolic leaders, with a high value of reproducing other Apostolic Hubs versus growing large in one location. Apostolic HUB empowers healing and restoration in people and communities as they pray, worship, and get God’s strategies and solutions for governance, business, education, media, Families, Art& Entertainment and The Body of Christ.These Hubs will form networks for shared mission in the city. We have an example of Antioch which was a “hub” for trans-local church-planting and mission. Apostolic people BOTH send and are sent. It takes senders and sent out ones. (Acts 11:19-30, 13:1-14:28)

Long-term, our Hubs will develop into Apostolic Centres that will function as co-working space where micro church leaders can get help with everything from start-up to on-going coaching, financial services, help with media etc Hub gatherings will be passionate, interactive, experiential, grounded in scripture, and will tap mall the riches of the various traditions of the historic church.


  1. Plant: As a minimum of four or five micro-churches (reaching the seven mountains of societal influence) are planted in a neighbourhood or network, they begin to gather as a larger congregation. Hubs function as a network of disciples, apostolic leaders and micro-churches.
  2. Partnership: We want to partner with those churches who are committed to disciple multiplication at every level. In other words, hubs can also be established churches that function to gather simple churches for greater works than any simple expression could accomplish on their own. Hubs represent the temple courts where the early church would have gathered for equipping from apostolic leaders and to be inspired and reminded of the greater movement.

Hubs will scale in size based on the leadership capacity of the Hub leadership, but the top priority will be on multiplying and sending. The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. will purposely “cap” the size of congregations, to promote the reproduction of new hubs based on the gifting and calling of the leadership team of that hub. Overall, the goal would be to reproduce 10 Hubs of 200 versus 1 Hub of 2000, so we can facilitate the lower cost, lighter maintenance, highly contextualized, and co-vocational approach. 


Within a network of four to five hubs, we can envision one hub being larger, in the 500-1,000 range, in order to help support the smaller hubs. The top priority is reproducing disciples, Micro-churches and small to mid-sized congregations, instead of continued addition growth at every location.