Following are some areas that a church and its leaders should benefit from apostolic covering:

  • Counsel– In vision, helping to define it, refine it and articulate it.   In doctrine, to help deal with doctrinal issues confronting a church or causing division in the church.   In church discipline, this is especially helpful in difficult cases to avoid personal attacks against leadership when a member needs discipline.
  • Protection– This is to provide an atmosphere of safety and security for both the pastor and the people.   To protect the people- if a leader falls into error or sin or becomes dictatorial, the congregation knows they have someone to appeal to, helping to avoid a church split.   To protect the pastor – At times the Pastor needs someone to speak on his behalf. He needs protection against false accusations.
  • Accountability– Having apostolic covering gives the pastor someone to be accountable to, someone to talk to, relate to and just sound off to.
  • Confirmation– Apostolic covering can be used to confirm and ordain elders and other 5-fold gifts in the church. Having someone else to interview and confirm candidates for ministry can provide an objective view that is often missing in independent churches.
  • Encouragement– Visits by apostolic covering can bring encouragement and blessing to a local church.
  • Commitment– Apostolic covering doesn’t work unless there is a level of commitment by a pastor and congregation. Every pastor knows the value and importance of commitment in the local church. A level of commitment is needed if  you’re going to entrust someone with ministry responsibility in the local church.  As an apostolic network we have come to realize that there are some basic commitments a pastor and local church need to make to fully benefit from apostolic oversight:
    Spiritual Covering and Training, Network of Ministries and Churches
    • Leadership Training and Resources, Ministerial Credentials
    • Relational Fellowship, Regional Meetings and Support Networks
    • Pastoral Development & Mentorship , Global Evangelism and Mission Outreach