The Bible teaches alignment, which is the concept of coming alongside, but not over, others. Alignment is also a Biblical word. It’s used several times in the New Testament. “For the equipping of the saints, for the work of service  …” (Eph. 4:12). This word equipping  means “alignment or to put a thing in its proper position”. The purpose of the five-fold ministry is to align you or position you for the work of the ministry.

Alignment increases your authority to function in Christ’s Kingdom with His authority to bind and release His will, beginning in your sphere of influence (e.g Education, Government, Religion, Business, Art & Entertainment, Media, Family) and spreading outward until The Great Commission is fulfilled. These spheres have potential to influence the thoughts and behaviours of people and society as a whole for good or for evil. They are receptive to the ideas, words, thoughts and actions of the Kingdom of God or they can receive the thoughts, ideas and actions of the Kingdoms of this World and of Satan who seeks to control them.

    Influences us to worship God in spirit and in truth or through a spirit of religion. The spirit of religion that dominates this sphere distorts worship and truth with the doctrines of man, and a denial that the Holy Spirit and power of God are part of His plan for man today.
    Empowers us with the blessing or enslaves us with the curse. As the alignment of God and man became distorted, so did the alignment within the family to the point that most parents have turned over their responsibility for moulding the minds of their children to the schools and the media. This means the dominant influence in the lives of children and youth are the messages of the powers and principalities that currently control the culture.
    Restrains evil or enables it to prosper. Prideful ambition and a spirit of control are primary influencers on the government mountain.
    Communicates the truth and principles of God or the deception of the enemy. In most countries the focus of education has shifted from Godly principles, values and service to the rights and abilities of each man to reason truth for himself.
    Interprets information and events through the lens of good or evil. The doom and gloom that dominates the media is the result of the spirit of fear, one of the controlling spirits on this sphere.
    Celebrates or distorts values and virtue. Man was made to be a worshiper and to use his creative gifts to glorify the creator. Instead his gifts have been perverted to glorify man and bring pleasure to himself, resulting in what some are calling “Grand Theft Culture”.
    Distributes resources used to honour God or celebrate man. The spirit of Mammon that dominates this sphere convinces us that money is the source of our prosperity and we have to get it ourselves or poverty will be our lot in life. The faith that holds to God as our source breaks the power of this spirit. This sphere finances all the others.