The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. provides spiritual covering, protection and support for ministers and business leaders through accountability.  Accountability is the practical dimension of covenant. Jesus always dealt with His disciples through covenant relationships. In the Church, we are called to participate in the same type of relationships. The more we know about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, the more we can depend on each other in times of need. We are better equipped to protect each other. Truth and honesty in all situations ensures the solidity of the covenant relationship. We can participate in covenant when our hearts are knit together by the Lord.

Why we need covenant relationships in our lives:

  1. To experience unconditional love
  2. To fulfill personal destiny
  3. For encouragement
  4. To activate giftings and anointings
  5. To uncover blind spots that are otherwise ignored

What will accountability do for me?

  1. Provide spiritual covering and protection
  2. Strengthen ministry relationships
  3. Supply provision in times of need
  4. Receive healthy correction for life course adjustments
  5. Release blessings to the next generation
  6. Produce spiritual growth and development.

What kind of leaders do we expect to work with?

We expect to work with cutting edge people who desire to pioneer new strategies as we seek to do what we pray……….”Lord, Let your kingdom come and Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

  • City, County, State and National Watchmen
  • Strategic or apostolic minded five fold ministers in the church, business, government, media, education, healthcare and family ministries.
  • Prophets who serve as watchmen in cities, counties, states, and nations
  • Prayer leaders and ministry leaders who oversee intercessors in a certain geographic area and are passionate to see 24 hour prayer, praise and worship established in a city in the spirit of David’s Tabernacle.
  • Prophetic people.


  1. Equipping through teaching, mentoring, impartation and ministry team assignments.
  2. Leadership opportunities
  3. Increased vision and synergy
  4. An environment that encourages genuine covenant relationships
  5. Identification and impartation of personal ministry gifts, activation, commissioning and ordination.
  6. Building relationships with other like minded leaders
  7. Opportunity to be apart of the current apostolic move in the earth
  8. Challenge to reach God’s destiny for your life
  9. A support for you, your spiritual foundation and a covering for protection through accountability.
  10. Prayer and counseling for you and your ministry (in any of the 7 spheres) development

Our Values

We are dedicated to God, His Word, and the centrality of Jesus Christ.  Everything is based upon the Word of God and it is the ultimate standard.

We are dedicated to a Biblical Worldview of the Kingdom of God.

  • Jesus is King and He rules.
  • We are called to bring forth the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven in all spheres of society.
  • Power of God – We are called to demonstrate the power of God for character, healing, provision, relationships, deliverance, signs and wonders
  • We are called to make disciples of all nations.

Interdependent – There is one church with many local congregations and there is one body and each person is uniquely important.

We give precedence to the presence of God

Prayer is  vital to maintaining ongoing communication that develops spiritual intimacy.

Praise and worship flow out of love and our Lord Jesus Christ is worthy of extravagant worship and praise expressed in all Biblical forms of worship including the redeemed arts.

Vision – Personal destiny cannot be fully realized apart from alignment with a corporate vision.

Faith – Nothing is impossible with God

Faith is courage in action

We value risk takers and those who push the envelop in their relationship with God and the application of His Word in our spheres of influence.

  • Faith without works is dead
  • A righteous man falls 7 times but he gets back up.
  • Spiritual Catalysts – We are not theorist but practitioners who lead by example and guide communities into a genuine encounter with God.

Creativity – God is dynamic and creative therefore we endeavor to be like Him as we explore new creative ways to serve mankind and manifest God’s love and power.

Covenant Relationships – We develop and commit to deep relationships that help contribute to our   life purpose and destiny. Covenant is essential for teamwork and war. Covenant involves an agreement, benefits for keeping covenant and consequences for breaking covenant.

Team Ministry – There is an exponential increase in giftings and anointings when we bring them together to form a team.

We are interdependent and network teams are built upon permanent, transparent relationships that function with accountability.

Servanthood –   We seek to advance the gospel by serving each other in love.

Honor –  The glory and honor of our Lord and Savior is of ultimate importance, not   my minis  try,     my church, or me.   We will endeavor esteem others better than ourselves and render honor and respect.

Obedience –   A commitment to releasing agendas, thoughts and desires to fully live for God’s purpose and will.

Integrity –  We will endeavor to develop Christ-like character and display that in our ministries businesses and personal lives.

Stewardship – We are called to steward and be distributors of the resources God puts within our   hands to establish the gospel of the Kingdom.

Our stewardship will reflect, people first, programs second and buildings third.

We believe a spirit of excellence should be exhibited in all we do and produce.

We should honor the Lord in all we do in business, ministry and in our personal lives.  We seek to be good stewards of all the gifts, talents and words God has given.

As we work together to transform communities you will have an excellent opportunity to have your unique ministry gifts identified and utilized for an increased impact in the earth.