From The President

Dear Fellow minister,

On behalf of The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. an international Apostolic movement called to advance the kingdom of God in every Nation, it is my privilege to present you our Missions Associates  website and welcome you to the company of God-Called ministers . An international Apostolic movement is a family of Churches and ministries comprised of people with various gifts that share common vision, values, goals and a commitment to plant and nurture Churches and ministries throughout the world.

This Apostolic Movement has a God-given authority and responsibility to serve, train, equip, release and protect the people, ministries and Churches throughout the movement and to advance the Kingdom of God in every sphere of human existence, from house to house, city to city, and nation to nation. GPF is an acronym which states, Global Prayer Force.

The term ‘Network’ as used in this movement is derived from the concept of Networking which is very clearly demonstrated in the Bible. “Again, the kingdom of Heaven is like a net that was cast into the sea, and gathered some of every kind” (Mat 13:47). The Kingdom of God is referred to as a ‘Net’ by Jesus Christ. A net is like a blanket comprising of ropes joined to each other through knots i.e. A Network is the joining together of people through relationship with each other to fulfill a common purpose. Each part provides strength and support to the entire network towards the fulfillment of the common goals and objectives that Jesus gave us, the church. We are delighted at the possibility of Networking with you, we look forward to build a growing relationship and working together as the lord leads.

After reading the information given, please contact us if you have additional questions, and we will do our best to serve you. Your understanding and acceptance of the communication and accountability system of the GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. are vitally important if we are going to flow together in unity and harmony. Prayerfully consider joining us to do your part in this day of the greatest Harvest in History.

Your Co-Labourer
Peter Badia/ Presiding Apostle
The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc.

Pan-African Centre for Missiology

Can you imagine the power you have to touch lives around the globe through the love of Christ! As a Hub Builder you can reach out in partnership with us to make a significant difference in Africa. “Hub Builders align with the Apostolic Hub to take a leadership role in building the Kingdom of God. They are willing to assist other believers, ministries, and business’ to accomplish the Great Commission. A Hub builder is focused on Kingdom advancement globally and in the local community through alignment with other effective, and strategic ministries and individuals.”

The Hub has a revival response like the ecclesiastical city-wide church of Ephesus building unity in the community. It forms Networks for shared mission in the city. Example: Antioch, which was a “Hub” for trans-local church-planting and mission. apostolic people BOTH send and are sent. It takes senders and sent out ones to establish an apostolic hub. (Acts 11:19-30, 13:1-14:28)