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50@50 WMF Campaign

50@50 WMF Campaign is a fund drive that is purposed to help mobilize 50 New Missions Partners who will commit themselves to give $50 USD per month or more towards the World Missions Fund (WMF) for the next 12 months.

Apprenticeship In Missions – AIM is a Missionary Mentorship Program that provides an opportunity to make a significant difference in the world today.   AIM admits college-age young people who desire to explore the possibility of missionary service by serving on a mission field for a short time. However, the AIM program is not always limited to college students and may include other interested adults. Often a person has just reached a point at which he or she is really seeking to grow in Bible knowledge and spiritual maturity.

AIM begins with the Bible, the one book that explains to us how to be different. We not only study God’s word but we also learn how to teach its good news to others. In the end, AIM students are apprentice missionaries learning, growing and serving on mission fields around the world. Although our Apprenticeship program covers a minimum eighteen months commitment to study and grow and then to go teach and serve. Those who have taken the challenge of being AIM students have seen God transform their lives for him. Often times AIM students return from the mission field with a renewed sense of purpose and understanding of how they fit within the story of God’s salvation for humanity. Thus, an AIM experience can be “life changing.” 

AIM is more than just a missionary apprentice program; it is an investment in long-term missions. When AIMers return from their work on the field, they have a stronger passion for the lost and for mission work. Many AIM graduates have gone on to serve as long-term missionaries. Other AIM graduates go on to other vocations, but will always remain in a unique position to be actively supportive of others who want to go into missions.

Are you considering the Mission Field, but do not know where to begin?
You need an AIM experience!

How do I become an AIMer ?
It is the responsibility of the prospective AIMer to correspond with Pan-African Centre For Missiology, thereby securing an invitation to come and serve alongside our Missionary Associates for a determined amount of time. The Centre cannot guarantee that each AIMer will be able to serve on any certain field, but we will always take preferences into consideration.

Prospective AIMer must submit an application, along with a letter of recommendation from their pastor. College students or recent graduates should also include a recommendation from an official at their college.

Prospects will be screened by The Centre for Missiology after they have been approved  by their local church. All AIMers must be approved by the Mission’s deputation director, and only approved AIMers will be authorized to serve with our missionaries.


“Training at the Pan-Afrcan Centre For Missiology is so important because it is not just about the Biblical knowledge it’s about character building and building yourself as a person…”  Peter Badia/ Missions Advocate

Welcome to The Centre For Missiology
A great place to…..

  • discover your calling
  • develop accurate Biblical foundations to build ministry on
  • be equipped to be a missionary to the world
  • experience rich interaction with people from diverse cultures, nations and denominations
  • develop a passion for evangelism and discipleship through active engagement in the field.

Apprenticeship in Missions (AIM)

Are you considering the Mission Field, but do not know where to begin? You need an AIM experience!