Why Get Involved !

Why Get Involved !
We are living through one of the defining moments in the history of the Church worldwide, The era of Western Christianity and its tradition as a Missionary Sending Force is fading away gradually within our lifetime.Christianity in the West appears to be in the process of retreating everywhere under the advancing assault of secularism and New Age spirituality. This sentiment is felt by several Christian leaders,including the pope, who has complained that the proposed constitution for the European Union completely omits any reference to God or the continent’s Christian past.

More than even secularism, however, Gene Edward Veith, culture critic for World magazine, says the problem is found in many of the churches themselves: “This decline is directly attributable to the theological liberalism of the once-powerful state churches.”

Relocation and Rebirth
This is not what Western elites in the media or on college and university campuses thought was happening. “For over a century, the coming decline or disappearance of religion has been a commonplace assumption of Western thought, and church leaders have sometimes shared this pessimistic view,” says Philip Jenkins, distinguished professor of history and religious studies at Pennsylvania State University, in his book, The Next Christendom: The Coming of Global Christianity.

What should encourage believers everywhere, however, is a phenomenon that is developing, for the most part, outside the notice of much of the Western press. In what is called the “Global South” — Africa, Latin America and Asia — Christianity is growing in staggering fashion, promising in the next 50 years or so to eclipse the West as the spiritual home of the faith. According to researcher David Barrett, author of the well-respected World Christian Encyclopedia, Africa is gaining 8.4 million new Christians a year, and that number is a net total — that is, new converts minus those who leave the faith. 

Nevertheless, for the Great Commission to be fulfilled, the Apostolic Gospel of the Kingdom will have to be preached in every Nation as a testimony and then the end will come. It is a fact that, before going to war, military strategists consider the size of their population as opposed to that of their enemy. This simply means that the amount of human resources available to carry out a task is extremely important. The world is a very large place with more than six billion people. If every Christian in west was to become a foreign missionary, there would still not be enough missionaries to preach the Gospel to all peoples. In fact as it is today, one wonders if the churches in the west have the capacity to produce the much needed Missionary Force to accomplish this task. It might be an odd concept, but the reality is that most missionaries may very well come from the Global South to help reach the west and the rest of the world. 

We will not be surprised to see missionaries from Africa, Latin America and Asia go out in  large numbers to reach the world for Christ in this desperate moment. As Veith muses, “What we need now are missionaries from Africa to convert the heathen in Europe and America.”

Mission Field Transforming into Mission Force
Did you know that 80% of the evangelical church lives in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. They have great Sending Potential, THEY JUST NEED HELP. Back in 2003, the Lord laid a compelling Apostolic  vision in the heart of Peter Badia and told him to go back to Africa and launch an Apostolic Movement that will Transform the Known Mission Field into a Mission Force according to the strategies the lord was going to show him periodically. The new assignment from the lord required Peter Badia to leave India (South West Asia) where he had been serving for thirteen years, training, equipping and deploying indigenous missionaries in the 10/40 window.

First Strategy
Peter Badia’s first strategy was to mobilize a Prayer Force that will watch over the new work the lord was doing in His Church. His conviction was that a circle of intercession and worship needed to be built in anticipation of the outpouring of the power of God in revival and harvest. Many times in the past, God has performed His work in full view of everyone.when God lays bare His arm in revival power, no one will question if there is a God or who He is .Men will know; the evidence of the transforming power of God will be conclusive .Men  may choose to turn their back on God ,but they will do so knowingly. This Prayer force grew to become The Global Prayer Force, a Prayer Force of Worshiping Watchmen out of which we have derived the acronym – GPF.

Second Strategty
Peter Badia’s second Strategy was to to establish an Apostolic Movement i.e The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc. An international Apostolic movement is a family of Churches and ministries comprised of people with various gifts that share common vision, values, goals and a commitment to plant and nurture Churches and ministries throughout the world. This movement aims to enhance mission involvement within the network of churches, ministers and ministries in the Body of Christ. In terms of oversight and authority, The GPF Apostolic Missions Network inc. oversees many of the business aspects of missions while the local churches assist in giving pastoral care to missionaries. 
For the last decade both Peter and Olive Badia, co-founders of The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc have served with great passion and commitment, working with the Global Church through Regional Networks to help create momentum , mobilize, equip and deploy Missions Mobilizers in the Global South and the rest of the world  and to represent Christ’s interests in the earth and not our own.To this end we draw great support and strength from His presence  and encouragement from those who stand with this ministry through prayer and gifts. It is in this working together that the lord is honored and His Kingdom grows. We appreciate your partnership in this great venture.

A Complementary Power Point Presentation is here to help you in Mobilizing your congregation or circuit  :Mobilizing the 21st century Church For Missions

Your Involvement

You can donate online or send cheques (making them payable to ‘The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc.’) to:

The Administrator
The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc
1000 N Belt Line Rd Suite #100
Irving, Texas 75061-4000 USA

The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc is registered under section 501 c 3 of the of the United States of America’s Internal Revenue Code as a non -profit corporations. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The World Mission Fund supports the following programs which are currently administered through The GPF Apostolic Missions Network Inc and its Associate  Church Relationships:

  •  Nationals on Missions Appointment (NOMA):
    These appointments encourage and support local people in key mission projects in their own countries. Salaries are paid by the Fund for World Mission and enable new work to be developed. 
  • Mission Partners:
    Mission Partners are initially trained in this country and invited to serve for periods of at least one year by partner churches in Africa, Asia and Latin America. 
  • Scholarship and Leadership Training (SALT) Program:
    This program funds men and women to study advanced or post-graduate courses in a cross-cultural setting. 
  • Grants for World Church Partners:
    These are general grants given to partner churches enabling the partner church to decide its own priorities for the work of the Kingdom. 
  • Special Projects:
    These are grants given on a regular basis for specific project requests from partner churches. These may range from conferences and educational projects to emergency relief and mission work in general.
  • NB:
    Your church or circuit can, in effect, ‘adopt’ one of these projects and fundraise for it, We will do our best to let you know as much as possible about the project or projects you select, however such information may be limited in detail.

Supporting the World Mission Fund

  • Prayer:
    We encourage you to pray for the work of the World Mission Fund 
  • Organize a Mission Event:
    Suggestions for prayer and worship for Mission Sunday. 
  • Missionary Support Team
    Start a Missionary support team in your congregation to work with us. We have free downloadable resources to help facilitate your team.

    Feel Free to contact us any time. We will be pleased to Hear From You. You can use the form below to contact Peter and Olive Badia and the Apostolic Council. This Council is responsible for the overall vision, direction and focus of The GPF apostolic Missions Network Inc. as a movement which includes vision statements, mission statements, basic values and guiding principles for the movement.

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