50@50 WMF Campaign

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50@50 WMF Campaign is a fund drive that is purposed to help mobilize  50 New Missions Partners who will commit themselves to give $50 USD  per month or more towards the World Missions Fund (WMF) for the next 12 months.

 The financial cost of taking the Gospel to foreign lands is a formidable barrier to modern missions. While money alone can’t convert a single soul, missionaries are sent and sustained only by the consistent, sacrificial, financial commitment of God’s people. Lack of funds has a detrimental effect upon those who are called to take the Gospel to the world. It can significantly delay the departure of new missionaries. Everyone with a heart for missions is asking, “How can we better finance missions so that we can send and equip all whom God calls?”

We have stepped out in faith to underwrite Missions separately from our general budget because we believe that it is in keeping with the commands of the scriptures. we therefore invite you to partner with us in this venture. This campaign gives you an opportunity to give $50 USD or more each month towards World Missions Fund for the next 12 months. Your Faith Promise is between you and God.

Faith Promise – Power Point Presentation

Just waiting before the Lord for His instructions as to what He wants you to give in reaching the world with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is stepping out in faith with the commitment that we trust God to provide. We are doing this with the confidence that in God’s hands, our gifts will not only be provided but will be multiplied and used in ways we could never understand and with blessings for us beyond what we might imagine.

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